About Us

The company was incorporated in 1945 under the able guidance of Shri Birdhi Chand Choadhry, one of the founder director of the company. The company was engaged in many businesses in its portfolio like Trading, Manufacturing, services etc.The strong foundation and clear ethical and business values of the company has helped it to grow over the years.In the later years it was managed by Late.Shri Sushil Chand Choadhry who excelled in the path of managing the company and taking it to even greater heights and setting benchmarks for the Industry. Today the company is continuing in the business of Transportation of Two Wheelers and Three Wheelers in its own trucks and also Over Dimensional Consignments (ODC) material through it own trailers and Hydraulic Axles.

Co- founder of the company and previous management

Late.Mr.Birdhi Chand Choadhry

Late.Mr.Sushil Chand Choadhry

Born on 14th April,1914 in Rajasthan, Shri.Birdhi Chand Choadhry left home early and shifted to Hyderabad in 1930's. He served as a Bank Manager for the initial few years in his career but the dream of starting his own business was realised in 1945.That was the year when he founded this company with some well known Businessmen of the city known to him.After successfully establishing the company and achheiving his dream, he went on to help the poor and needy and that is when he forayed into Satyagraha. This led him to meet several profound leaders of the Country and that was the time when he handed over the reigns of the company to his son, Late.Shri Sushil Chand Choadhry.

Born on 10th March,1945 in Hyderabad to Shri .Birdhi Chand Choadhry and Smt.Ugam Kumari Choadhry. Late.Sri .Sushil Chand Choadhry completed his education from Hyderabad and took over the reigns of the company from his father in 1967-68. Since then he had taken the company on a steady growth path. His ideas and style of managing the company were well ahead of times and thus he was able to grow the company from just a few booking offices in the city to a few branch offices in different parts of the country like Madras, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Poona, Kanpur and few other cities.He also grew the business and added transportation of Coal, Automobiles, Machinery, Over Dimensional Consignments etc.He managed the company from 1967-68 till 1998,when he expired untimely.